Sunday, December 14, 2008


My personal opinion is that the egyptions were all drunks! I mean who drinks beer with every single meal? Well apparently they did. They had 17 kinds of beer, and they made it all over the place, so it wasn't hard at all to get your hands on it. When they weren't getting drunk, egyptians liked to drink sweetened tea, goats milk, cows milk, and water. You would think they would drink tons of water and not beer, since they lived right by the Nile. Hmm....

Common Enjoyments

The foods that egyptians ate is not so different then what we eat today. They had vegetables and fruits, such as strawberries, carrots, mellons, onions, potatos, herbs, cucumbers, and lettuce. They had atleast one side of fruits or veggies with every meal, which again isn't different from today. (I hate having vegetables with dinner, BLECH!) They usually used vegetables for vegetable soups/ stews. They had bread with every single meal of the day, every day. litterally. And I'm not suprise since they had 50 different kinds of it. They had meat on special occasions. The meats they ate were usually something like pig, sheep, fish, goat, or cow, but sometimes exotic birds. (weird) They also had pastries, cakes, and other desserts after dinner sometimes. (the picture is hunters catching fish to eat)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bread, and Beer, and Veggies, Oh My!

You wouldn't believe how much bread they ate!! They had 50 kinds of bread! I've never even seen 50 kinds of bread before! They had bread in their diet every single day, no matter how wealthy or poor you were because it was so simple to make. Also, it was crazy how much beer they drank. Egyptians preffered beer over water any time! They had 17 different types of beer and had it with every meal. (drunks!) They were like swimming in the stuff! If we drank as much beer as they did, then it would be a very dangerous world.

So what's in this stuff?

You might be wondering what kinds of ingredients they put into their food, ok maybe not. But I was so I guess I'll tell you anyway. Since they didn't have sugar, they used honey as a sweetner for their pastries and cakes and things. (yes they had cake.) For their bread, they would put water, salt (they put salt in pretty much everything. They must have very high blood pressure.), and yeast. Thats how they made bread dough. Most of the regular dishes they had with their dinners were fruits and vegetables such as carrots, meats, potatos, onions, garlic, and herbs, so they didn't have to add any ingredients to that.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's cook it up!

Ok, so lets say your hungry. You can just go to the kitchen and get a snack or something. I guess you could ask your parents to cook you something but chances are they'll say something like "no, do it yourself," or something like that. Well its a whole other story in Ancient Egypt. Rich Families would hire servants JUST TO DO THEIR COOKING! crazy right? I think it would be nice to have a servant do all my cooking just because I would'nt have to do anything, but it just sounds lazy! Anyway, average families would have the wife do all the cooking. (how sexest!) So the wife would probably be making bread or stew since that seemed to be all the rage back then. You would stir salt, yeast, water, and flower in a clay pot, pat it flat with your palms, and let it to sit and rise for a little while. Next, you would put it an a clay oven. Ok, time out. Wouldn't clay burn? or melt? or something?! Hmm...seems kind of odd to me. So after its been in the oven for a while, they take it out and WHAMO!, they have bread. to cook vegetable stew, they would boil water over the clay stove, then dump all the veggies in there and this gravy stuff they made and then they would have a "delicious and nutrisious" meal, bread to dip in vegetable stew.

What is your opionion about egyptions hiring servants to cook for them?

What food advantages did wealthy people have in ancient egypt?

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